Creating Pattern Brushes in Adobe Illustrator


Adobe® Illustrator® is an amazingly powerful vector graphics software with a vast range of tools that enable creativity to flow from imagination to the digital screen. Hidden in plain sight is one of its treasures, the Pattern Brush. There is nothing quite like it and nothing to compare it to. Unless you are intentionally looking for the Pattern Brush and exploring its potential, you could miss it altogether. It can transform the smallest, simplest objects and designs into complex, scalable, stretchable, seamless and beautifully detailed artwork.

Creating Pattern Brushes in Adobe Illustrator introduces this highly functional tool and provides a step-by-step guide on how to use it. Beginning with the basics, this book answers questions about the Pattern Brush you didn’t know to ask. It deals with the hows and the whys, explains the various characteristics of the Pattern Brush and demonstrates its usefulness in graphic design. Understand the mechanics of this brush and unleash its endless possibilities into your workflow today.

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Training Videos:

Customizing Your Workspace to Make Pattern Brushes

Part 1 – How to Make a Side Tile

Part 2 – How to Make a Side Tile

How to Make an Outer Corner Tile

How to Use and Edit Auto Generated Tiles

How to Make an Inner Corner Tile

How to Make Start and End Tiles



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