Pass the Olives Please!

IMG_5985Sunday dinner at Grandma Cline’s house used to be quite a feast…pan-fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, bread and butter pickles and pitted black olives. When I could get away with it, I’d grab a handful of olives and put them on my fingertips and then savor them one at a time. That’s how I know Micah (my #5 grandchild) has some of my blood cursing through his veins.

Micah loves black olives. When we put them on a relish tray, they seldom last long enough to make it to the table. One Christmas, he ate almost a whole can before the turkey was even carved. Just for fun, I pulled a can of olives from the pantry and quickly put it in a Christmas gift bag. When he opened it, everyone burst out in laughter. Mikey’s smile said it all…he loved the gift!

Later that night when it was time to clean up the empty boxes and piles of torn gift wrap and ribbons
from the floor, unbeknownst to me, someone picked up Micah’s can of olives and put it back in the pantry. When he got home, Micah began searching his “stash” for the olives. They weren’t there.

Gwen explained somebody probably thought it was just a joke and didn’t expect him to take the olives home. He asked her, “why would someone do that to a little kid?” He was understandably disappointed. When I heard what happened, I immediately IMG_1304gave him another can of olives – which brought a smile to his face. From now on
no matter what we’re serving, I hope to always have a can of olives nearby so Micah will know just how special he is to ME!

It doesn’t take much to show a child they are special. Look for simple ways to say “I love you” with your actions…they speak much louder than words! Making kids feel special builds up their “emotional bank”…so if someone picks on them at school or makes fun of them…their little spirit doesn’t become bankrupt. Most importantly, help them know how special they are to God, and to His Son Jesus!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me find ways to make each of my children and grandchildren feel special – just at the time they need it. Most of all…help each one of us remember how special we are to You! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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